New York Rangers host Toronto Maple Leafs at Madison Square Garden. Photo Credit: Ashley Haskins


Well it’s been a few days since the National Hockey League trade deadline has come and gone. Now usually, I as a fan am all upset over the trades made by the New York Rangers’ General Manager, Glen Sather. However, this year is different. I think Sather was smart with his money, the dynamics of his team and most importantly the players on his team.

Now, I always feel bad for the guys who move this late in the season. Let’s face it, although its part of a business, it’s probably hard to pick your life up and move it to another city to start over with another team. So with that being said, I wish John Moore and Anthony Duclair nothing but success in their respective careers. They are phenomenal athletes and I am sure each will become important members of their new team.

I must say, I think Keith Yandle and James Sheppard will bring a lot to our team. Adding Keith Yandle to our defense is only going to make our already good defense even better. He comes from the Arizona Coyotes, a team which seems as though they are cleaning house. Yandle comes with four goals and 37 assists on the season. James Sheppard is a center man, for which Sather and the New York Rangers have looked. Sather exchanged a draft pick to obtain him from the San José Sharks, and he has five goals and 11 assists. Both new comers are in their late twenties which pleased me to see that we weren’t getting any “older” guys.

Another big move and in my opinion the most crucial deal made by Sather just before the deadline was signing right-winger, Mats Zuccarello. The beloved Zuccarello immediately took the deal offered by the New York Rangers and Glen Sather. He kept to his word from last summer stating, it was more important for him to stay a New York Ranger than get the highest salary possible. Sather offered a fair deal of 4.5 million per year for four years. Resigning Zuccarello will help the Blueshirts continue on their journey for Lord Stanley’s Cup. Seeing guys like Dan Girardi, Henrik Lundqvist, and now Mats Zuccarello take a lesser deal to stay a New York Rangers just proves what a class act each of them are. It proves that their teammates, city, and fan base are more important than the money and that is quite refreshing for once.

I have a lot of confidence in this team built by Sather and coached by Alain Vignault. There are good things to come if they continue to work as a dominating force. I am hopeful for a successful end of the season and playoff run! Only time will tell but it will be here before we know it.