“We’ll go into the playoffs as underdogs and we’ll make our way all the way there”

Former Rangers Captain Mark Messier guaranteed New York would win Game 6 of the 1994 Eastern Conference Final. Now it’s Derick Brassard‘s turn. In a world where our current captain enjoys injuring important pieces to our playoff puzzle, Brassard’s boldness is a breath of fresh air. If New York can deliver Brassgod’s guarantee, Brassard should be awarded ALL future Steven McDonald Extra Effort awards with a side of Letterman pride. Preferably a C.

Please drink responsibly. You will be held accountable for your decision to become intoxicated and/or anything that results from inebriation (Ex: Car accident, rape, liver failure, alcohol poisoning, etc…) If you’re pregnant or underage, use healthier alternatives such as Buffalo Wings to join the fun. Let’s Go Rangers!

PS: Pizza Hut’s still offering the bold flavor of Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon in a spicy sauce coating. Boneless up! (If you’re not superstitious that is. Don’t know what kind of karma could be inflicted giving a PJ’s rival business)



– For Every NYR Icing 
– For Every NYR Offsides 
– For Every NYR Regular Goal 
– For Every NYR Regular Assist


– For Every NYR Overtime Goal
– For Every NYR Empty Net Goal 
– For Every NYR Power Play Goal 
– For Every NYR Power Play Assist


– For Every NYR Hat Trick
– For Every NYR Penalty Shot
– For Every NYR Shootout Point
– For Every NYR Period of Shutout Hockey 



Did Somebody Say Papa John’s? – Drink eight shots if the Rangers score three or more goals. Victories only.

Draft Kings Player To Watch! – Drink three shots if your favorite Broadway Blueshirt is chosen for this accolade prior to puck drop. Make sure to follow @BlushirtsOnBway, @NYRangers  or @DolceD88 on Twitter to receive pregame alerts on this stipulation. 

Fire AV Squad! – Drink five shots for every questionable call made by Head Coach Alain Vigneault

Go, Go Power Rangers! – Drink six shots if our squad completes Round One with a clean bill of health. 

Sin Bin Special! – Drink one shot per penalty minute if your favorite New York Ranger gets whistled down. Keep your favoritism limited to three different players.

Swagelin’s Revenge! – Drink four shots if former Ranger Carl Hagelin light’s up Henrik Lundqvist’s crease

The Incredible MVP! – Drink one shot per hit withstood by Lundqvist. If there is a rumble near his crease post hit, down three more shots for posterity. It will take the edge off. 


{EDITOR’S NOTE} We at BlueshirtsOnBroadway do not advocate, promote, or encourage, any individuals to break the laws of any national, federal, provincial, state, or other locality. We strongly and completely agree with the recommendations of professional medical staff. We challenge all participants to drink responsibly and to have a designated “sober buddy” or a transportation plan which includes a driver who has not consumed any alcohol or mind altering substances. We encourage you to have fun without endangering yourself or anyone else.