Photo Credit: Ashley Haskins -- January 13, 2015
Photo Credit: Ashley Haskins — January 13, 2015

With the trade deadline approaching quickly, I bet were all beginning to think what moves will be made, if any at all? Last year around this time the rumors of a captain for captain trade started to swirl and right before the timer ran out the trigger was pulled and New York Ranger Captain Ryan Callahan was traded to the Tampa Bay Lightening for Captain Martin St. Louis.

Now this shocked a lot of our fans and I think a lot of the teammates involved. Although there were talks of that trade for weeks, I don’t really think many people expected it to actually happen. Well, here we are, about a year later. Do I still feel the same way I did? Well, I do miss Ryan Callahan and his presence on and off the ice. I think he was a strong leader, not saying that McDonagh cannot be, I’m just saying I do not think he is there yet. It is a learning process, and I understand that.

Callahan is having a great year in Tampa, just a little past the half way mark of the season, Callahan has 16 goals, 23 assists and 39 points. He has a +/- rating of a +7 which means he’s got to be doing something right on the ice. He always knew how to get to the front of the net. He was a guy like Mark Messier who knew, “good things happen when you go to the net”.

Now, I am not “dissing” Martin St. Louis with the things that I have to say about Callahan. I think a lot of the reasons we did as well as we did last year was because of the player and guy St. Louis is. I believe he has a lot to offer on the ice, as well as off the ice. I think he is a great player; currently he has similar numbers to Callahan, which actually surprises me because he is definitely in a slump. He has 14 goals, 23 assists and 37 points. He has a +/- rating of a +3. Unfortunately, he has not scored in 12 games and you can see the frustration on his face. I am hopeful that things will begin to turn around because we need him to produce.

Back to where we are now, the deadline March 2, 2015 will be here before we know it. Most of you know that Mats Zuccarello is my favorite New York Ranger; my concerns are that Sather will make a move that will end up back firing. Although, Zucc is having a difficult time finding the back of the net, we cannot forget, that even in his small stature, he is the best playmaker on the team. He has always been able to see plays before most and to me that is something that we cannot give up. I hope AV stating that he wants Zuccarello re-signed will speak volumes to Sather, but like everything else, we will have to wait to see. Blueshirts on Broadway will be here to keep you updated and “in the know” with rumors, speculations and trades. And as always, let’s go Rangers!