SS2016_HeaderThe NHL is making a rather large push to grow hockey; and it’s a good thing. Creating multiple outdoor games as the “Stadium Series” and giving them a larger than life experience is nothing short of awesome. The All-Star weekend is another huge event for the league and the host city.  The issue plaguing the events seems to be the intermission entertainment. This year’s Winter Classic host is Minnesota. The first intermission performer was Cheap Trick. Really? How many refusals did the league receive to force them to ask Cheap Trick? No offense intended but if you want to be relevant in the world, you need to include relevancy in your entertainment. The league has two shots to capture audiences, that’s twice as much as the Super Bowl. One intermission should be dedicated to parents, the other to kids. At one time the goal was to showcase local talent for these events, Cheap Trick hail from Illinois. I guess you could say the Chicago Blackhawks brought their own local band to the party. Here are a few choices I think would be better for the the league. The following pages are one of my suggestions of performers. What do you think?