Amid a flurry of movements, the New York Rangers signed Tanner Glass to a three year deal worth a total of 4.35 million dollars. Glass is a 30 year old Left wing born in Saskatchewan, Canada. At 6’1″ and 210lbs, Glass has a solid frame and after seven years in the NHL, he knows how to handle himself. Initially this signing may seem like a move the Rangers shouldn’t have made. When looking deeper there are many reasons this deal makes complete sense.

The Rangers announced they were working on a contract with Benoit Pouliot and planned to have a deal finished before free agency opened. In an effort to make room under the salary cap, the Rangers traded Derek Dorsett to the Vancouver Canucks for a draft pick. Talks with Pouliot fell through and two players were gone from the roster. Daniel Carcillo, the mid season pick-up, was intended to add grit to the line-up. What the Rangers got was a mediocre player who shared a roster spot on the fourth line with Dorsett. Carcillo is an Unrestricted Free Agent, the Rangers have not mentioned discussing contracts with him. With all those pieces gone, a replacement was needed. Tanner Glass fills the roll of a gritty player and he’s a player who isn’t afraid to drop mitts with some heavy weights.

Fighting isn’t the reason for Glass’s contract. Glass is not the player on a team who scores goals or mass produces assists. In that respect he’s not much different than Carcillo or Dorset. Glass isn’t very good with the puck, he’s not meant to be. What Glass does, and does well, is hit other players. In 67 games last season with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Glass posted 247 hits. The Rangers top hitter was Dan Girardi, who posted 191 hits in 81 games. Glass posted 57 blocks last year, well more than any of the Rangers’ forwards. It isn’t his job but Glass can step in to the face off circle when needed, he was just under 50% last year.

The other factor in Glass’s favor, he has a history with coach Alain Vigneault. Glass was a part of the Vancouver team who lost in game seven of the Stanley Cup Final to the Boston Bruins. Glass knows he system and can step in with little transition time. He will need to build chemistry with his new line mates, but that is only normal. For those not liking this signing, give him time. Tanner Glass will soon gain your favor as a New York Ranger and you’ll like his contract in the long run as well.

Off the ice Glass is the subject of many NHLPA videos on YouTube. Glass is portrayed, and known, as a goofy guy who was a scholar in school. In Vancouver, he was challenged to a scrabble game by a fan who heard about “epic scrabble competitions between players”. Glass is a family man with a wife and a young son named Sawyer. He will fit in just fine with the rest of the team and in New York.