At BlueshirtsOnBroadway we love being able to bring our readers, and fellow hockey fans the very best of everything. Having a strong staff of writers is just the tip of the iceberg for us! We are looking to expand our staff and this is what we are hoping to add:

Writers– This should go without say but I just want to make sure I mention it! We cover the NHL and the AHL already but would love to increase our staff in these areas as well as branch out farther. Let us know what you can bring to the team!

Tech Types– Do you know web design, coding, or webmaster tools? Have we got some exciting things for you!

Graphics designers Do you like to use Photoshop and create graphics? Do you customize your own memes or gifs? Do you like creating videos to share with other fans?

Social Media– The more interaction the better! We have both Facebook and twitter accounts which require regular attention from someone with a quick wit and plenty of humor.

If you have an interest or have any questions in joining our staff in one of these capacities, simply click on the “Contact Us” tab and submit a completed form. No prior experience is necessary as long as you are ready to learn. This is a great resume building opportunity as well as a creative outlet for deep seeded love of hockey.