Merely a few days before Mats Zuccarello and the New York Rangers' arbitration meeting, the two sides came to a contract agreement. Yesterday afternoon, 22 July 2014, the sides agreed on a one year deal paying Zuccarello $3.5 million dollars. Although Zuccarello was looking for more years, this will at least buy him another year to prove that he can come back again and be a high point holder or leader. Then, hopefully, he will have earned long-term contract; which can be discussed and signed starting in January 2015, if the two sides choose.




Now with all that said, I think New York Ranger fans can breathe a sigh of relief. I know as a big fan of Zuccarello, I was hoping the cap issue facing the Rangers wouldn’t hinder signing Zuccarello to a contract he deserved. Of course I wish it was for more years, but like I said, I think there will be one in his future if "Zucc" plays like he did last year. Zuccarello brought a lot of good things to our Eastern Conference Champion team. He has a strong, positive presence on the ice. Despite his shorter than average size, he is not afraid to get involved in play on the boards, to check his opponents, or stand up for other teammates, if necessary.


I think the New York Rangers and fans can look forward to another successful year with the likes of Zuccarello,  his teammates who have already rejoined the team, and those who are new arrivals to the team. Hopefully, the Rangers can sign their last few free agents so the fan base can relax a little about players not coming back and we can really start to imagine what our 2014-2015 team will look like.