He left his "mom's boss meatloaf" out of his most recent meeting with the press but Mats Zuccarello is confident in his team's abilities. Learn from the past and move forward on your quest for imortality; that's how you overcome the odds and win Lord Stanley's Cup.

Q. What is the mindset now returning to home?

MATS ZUCCARELLO: I think we played two good games over there. We didn't get the bounces in the OT. We got to limit our mistakes. I think we're a confident group. I think we played the best hockey.


Q. How much of a difference do you think it will make coming back to the Garden?

MATS ZUCCARELLO: Obviously we'll have our fans, the best fans in the world. But it's two good teams. I don't know how much it's going to mean. Hopefully the fans are going to be behind us and we'll get a good boost out of that.


Q. The way you lost two games, does that have any carryover into Game 3?

MATS ZUCCARELLO: I think we have to take with us that we played in our last game the best game. Even the first game we had more quality chances. Like I said, we all do mistakes. Sometimes it costs us goals. But as a team, we're confident, we'll stick together. We have to win two at home to even the series.


Q. Can you draw back to past experiences like Pittsburgh?

MATS ZUCCARELLO: Yeah. We got a lot of leaders on our team, guys that have been a part of winning teams and playoff runs. Yeah, I think we have to learn a little bit about the past series and just go from there. But better to take one game at a time. All that's in our minds is to win the next game. Yeah, that's all. Hopefully win two in a row and even the series.


Q. When you have a long flight like that, does it give you a chance to move past the emotion and look forward?

MATS ZUCCARELLO: The playoffs, I think everyone was done with the game this morning. It's all about the next game. It goes so quick. It's so important. Whatever happens before this, it's gone. Most important thing is to look forward, so...


Q. How big is this third line in the post-season?

MATS ZUCCARELLO: I mean, I think everyone stepped up this whole playoffs. We don't rely on one or two guys. We play good as a team. That's been our strength, that everyone does the same job, everyone steps in. That's the character of our team