When looking forward to game three, John Moore mentions playing in front of a home crowd. More specifically, a LOUD, home crowd. Much has been said about how quite the Garden has been all season. Now is the time for the fans to get loud and get rowdy, and be heard! Derick Brassard reminds us all that being down two games in a series has happened before in this post season and The New York Rangers came back to beat the Pittsburg Penguins. Anything is possible this time of year.

Q. How much does the series change coming back to the Garden now?

JOHN MOORE: Well, you know, it's home ice. Two games so far, it's proved to be a big piece of that. We know our fans are going to be rocking. There's obviously advantages strategically that come with home ice.


Q. What is your mindset, Derick?

DERICK BRASSARD: I think our confidence is still there. I think if we keep playing the same way, we have a great chance to win. It's a far way to be over. We came back from 1-3 against Pittsburgh. We proved to ourselves that we can come back against some really good teams. I think we showed to ourselves that we can play with those guys. In both games, they win in overtime, it could go either way. I think we're pretty confident to come back here and we're pretty excited to play in front of our own fans.


Q. Is there a sense that a two-game lead in a series isn't as bad as it looks?

DERICK BRASSARD: Yeah, obviously we wanted to go there, steal at least one game. But, you know, we're going to have to find a way to steal a game. I think the next game is the most important one. We never quit all season. We always showed some character. I think it's not going to be any different for this series. I think, like I said earlier, we show to ourselves that we can play with those guys, that we can beat those guys. Tomorrow, I think it's going to be a big step for us just to go out there and get a big win.


Q. Derick, do you look at tomorrow as a must-win?

DERICK BRASSARD: Yeah, every game this time of year is a must-win. I think the guys are pretty excited for tomorrow. We've been playing with those guys every period. It's a pretty tight series. It's a hard-fought battle out there. We're just going to go out there tomorrow and play the same way we've been playing.


Q. John, when you look at how the games have gone, do you have to have a short memory?

JOHN MOORE: Yeah, you know, that's been the story all playoffs is being in the moment. Nothing really changes. All we can do now is be ready for that next opportunity. We have a great one in front of us now that we can take advantage of.


Q. Is there anything about the Kings in the first two games that surprised you?

DERICK BRASSARD: No, not really. We were really well-prepared for them. I think there's no surprises this time of the year. They have a really good team. Nothing is going to change. But we have a really good team ourselves, so we're pretty confident. Like I said, if we keep playing the same way, we don't have to change a lot. When the game is on the line, we have to find a way to score those goals. It's a pretty tight battle out there. I think they know that, as well. We can play with those guys. We're not going to change anything. We're going to go out there tomorrow and have fun.


Q. How excited are you to get back to the Garden?

JOHN MOORE: It's going to be huge. It doesn't get any bigger than this. We're going to expect them to be loud and be behind us.