Without a captain, Brad Richards has been acting as a spokesman for the New York Rangers. He spoke with the press about his teammates and how things are handled in the room. Hockey is a sport known for comradery and brotherhood. Teams are like family and everyone sticks together. Here Richards talks about hos the team bonded together to get through some tough times in the dressing room.


Q. Having been through a lot of these series before, is there any conscious thought about the fact you don't want to go back to New York down 0-2? Do you want it to be 1-1? In the flow of the game, you just want to win the game?

BRAD RICHARDS: I don't think it's smart to start thinking we don't want to do something or what if we're down 2-0. That's not how you want to have your mindset going into a game. We feel we win a game, we're back tied 1-1. But it's still to 4. Definitely you don't want to have that in your mind going into a game. Just win a game, that's the mindset right now.


Q. The coach was just saying their centers in the last game, they're pretty strong, but that they needed to manage the puck a little better. Would you agree with that?

BRAD RICHARDS: Yeah. Center, whatever position, as a team we just stopped managing the puck as the game went on for some reason. We all know that, recognize that. Whether it's center or whatever, we’ve just got to be better at those areas, the details.


Q. Obviously you never want to lose a game, but losing the way you did on a play like that, having two days off, maybe you think about it more, how it happened, or is there nothing to that?

BRAD RICHARDS: No. Danny was down for a few minutes. Everybody kind of picked him up. That's a tough bounce. It just happened that that was the overtime goal that the bounce happened. We got a bounce on the second goal that went off their ‘D’ men in the net. We didn't give ourselves a good enough chance in the third period. Who knows where the overtime would have went. But those things happen.


Q. Bringing your ‘A’ game, what has been discussed about that?

BRAD RICHARDS: It's pretty obvious. If we won that game in overtime, we're still having the same meeting probably today, the way the game went. Sometimes you don't win a game, you have to realize where you are. We have to expect they're going to be a lot better. We have to be better or you're going to be down 2-0. You know, that's normal. We recognized that right when the game was over. You know, it's this time of year. You get one crack at it. You got to raise it. There's no other option.


Q. John Moore was talking about he felt like he let you guys down. With the potential of him coming back, can you talk about maybe trying to pick him up.

BRAD RICHARDS: John, he's a very good person. Not that other guys aren't, but he's the type of guy that would affect, being suspended. But that's over with. He's excited now, that the suspension is over. But we talked about it briefly. That stuff happens. It's a play in hockey that he probably would have done something different in hindsight. He's able to play now. We'll move on. Hopefully he can come in and help.


Q. With the extra off day, was that a good chance for you to mentally get away, or would you have preferred to get right back at it?

BRAD RICHARDS: I can tell you after the game whether you wished you didn't have the off day. But as we go in today, get a good practice, now it's good to have that day to kind of regroup. As a player, you always want to get right back into it when you lose, especially an overtime game where you're that close, one shot away. Now tomorrow is so much closer, you don't think about it anymore.


Q. How important is the first 10 minutes going to be tomorrow? What do you have to do in the first 10 minutes?

BRAD RICHARDS: Same thing we always talk about: the details of making them play 200 feet. We’ve got to play north/south. When we play north/south we're a lot quicker, can use our speed a lot more. We expect a push. But why can't we push? That will be the attitude.