Last Friday Dan Carcillo appealed his 10 game suspension, and after four days NHL Commissioner, Gary Bettman, arrived at a verdict. He reduced the suspension from ten games to six.

This stems back to a late hit by Brandon Prust on Derek Stepan in game three of the Eastern Conference Final. Dan Carcillo retaliated and checked Brandon Prust which resulted in a penalty. Before the penalty was called Derek Dorsett had confronted Brandon Prust and the two began exchanging blows. At the same time, linesman Scott Driscoll sought out Dan Carcillo and pushed him away from the fight to prevent any further mayhem. In the process Dan Carcillo made contact with the linesman. The original suspension pertained to rule 40.3 for deliberately applying physical force to an official, which carries a minimum of ten games. However, Commissioner Bettman decided that rule 40.4 was more appropriate. This means he believes Carcillo's actions were based on the sole purpose of him getting free of an official with no intent to injure.  

Prior to today's decision, Dan Carcillo has sat out the last three games meaning he is eligible to return for game four of the Stanley Cup Final. If the New York Rangers find themselves in a hole heading into game 4, there's a chance he could be inserted back into the lineup and play against the team who traded him to New York.