Player Name: Brian Boyle

Contract Status:

Unerestricted Free Agent (UFA)

Previous Contract:

Term: 3 years- 2011-2014

AAV: 1,700,000

Actual Payout by the Years: 2011-2012: $1,600,000

2012-2013: $1,700,000

2013-2014: $1,800,000

Method Of Acquisition:

Brian Boyle was drafted in 2003 as a 1st round draft pick by 26th Los Angeles. The New York Rangers acquired Boyle in a 2009 trade from Los Angeles in exchange for a third round draft pick.



With Alain Vingeault’s system of rolling four lines, Brian Boyle fit in the line-up perfectly by centering the fourth line. Boyle may not be big goal scorer, however he is a big body and isn’t afraid to stand in front of the net and screen the goalie. He is exceptional on the penalty kill paired with CarlHagelin. He had a strong presence on the ice with his usual line-mates Derek Dorsett and Dominic Moore, being that the fourth line was a big producing line.





This past 2013-2014 season was Boyle’s best season under his previous three year contract. He was definitely worth the money he earned over the years. If the New York Rangers want to continue using four lines in their game system, and they want to continue having a strong penalty kill, then Boyle should be still centering the line and on special teams in years to come. With his performance, Boyle should receive a decent raise as well as a 3-year contract with the New York Rangers.